Premiere of “A Study on Exile, No. 3”

While I’m excited to share this, fresh out of the oven, I honestly find it difficult to just treat this merely as a new piece I wrote. The interwoven stories of transnationalism, displacement, the simulation of home, and the Canadian government revoking Amy Hull‘s Indian status (with thousands of others) aren’t just ordinary things to talk about on a rainy day, see? The collaborative work carries a heavy burden that I’m still coming to terms with as a transplanted settler, probably complicit even to the continual displacement of other peoples. This will take time to digest: we are all works in progress the same way that this one is (in time for a final iteration in the year 2021).

Thanks to the Thin Edge New Music Collective for providing an opportunity to encounter a miracle such as this one.

A Study on Exile (No. 3): Home is not a place on a map [2018]. Aerial dance with music for spatialized musicians and fixed media on mobile phones.

Interdisciplinary collaboration with Amy Hull, Rebecca Devi Leonard, Juro Kim Feliz, and the Thin Edge New Music Collective. Premiered at The Music Gallery on 22 June 2018. Audio recording by Paul Hodge.