Official launch of ‘Sound Photography’ project

Cities and Memory has officially launched its “Sound Photography” project! You can look up my work Hanggang sa Takipsilim (Until Dusk) under the category ‘Italy’ where Giulia Biasibetti’s photography (and the inspiration of the work) was taken. Seeing Hannah Leah Guanlao’s theatre installation exhibit 2 years ago at a Filipino cultural festival in Toronto, I recorded her monologues with her own narration of fictional anecdotes taking place within the Martial Law years of Ferdinand Marcos’ brutal dictatorship in the Philippines during the 1970-80s.

It is timely too that the strong Martial Law years reference in this work reminds us of the current demise of justice in the Philippine Supreme Court and the rise of impunity in the country. From Hannah’s theatre installation script:

“Sometimes it feels like our struggle is hopeless…halos araw-araw (almost everyday)…naririnig ko na lang na may isa na naman sa atin ang kinuha sa gabi (I would hear that one of us was taken away, disappearing without a trace)…”

You can check Sound Photography’s interactive gallery here.