Pangkur, for mixed quartet

Finally got the recording of Pangkur as a quartet version from Nief-Norf Summer Festival 2018. I now have a playlist of Pangkur versions…the piano+percussion duo version should be next in line then.

As the original festival’s intent to present the work as a full sextet didn’t materialize due to certain problems, I wasn’t prepared to hear the work as a quartet. It wasn’t any problem, however–the work is designed to have modular instrumentation. And so I can say that this performance is the premiere of the quartet version, and the work sounded even amazing!

Thanks a bunch to the Nief-norf Performance Fellows! The actual performance was suddenly all magical, way beyond how you were rehearsing it. Special thanks to Jay Sorce for coaching the performers as well!


Pangkur (for mixed quartet) [2017]


Phoebe Bognár (piccolo, alto flute)
Alexandra Hecker (clarinet, bass clarinet)
Jonathan Tang (violin)
Ashlee Booth (cello)