Premiere of “C’est tellement mystérieux, les pays des larmes…”

MCML 2016 finally done

Participating in another edition of the Montreal Contemporary Music Lab this June 2016 paved the way for another premiere of a new work entitled C’est tellement mystérieux, le pays des larmes… for two oboes, tuba and piano. This work employs the full performance space, creating imbalanced, polarized positionalities wherein musicians nonetheless attempt to interact with one another. As a personal comment, I would admit that this work is quite autobiographical as well, being inspired by notions of “Othering” and by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince (where the title came from). Of course, I was privileged with having great performers like Carly Gordon, Julia Gjebic, Michael Mansourati and Darren Creech.

The uploaded recording in my Soundcloud account though isn’t the best thing, as applying physical spatialization also requires a technical plan for the recording setup in which the Lab isn’t capable of working it out at that time. Hopefully, another opportunity comes up for a proper recording of the work.


Photo: [On stage, left to right] Carly Gordon, oboe; Darren Creech, piano; Michael Mansourati, tuba. [Back of auditorium] Julia Gjebic, oboe.