The 33rd Asian Composers League Festival in Manila!

It was a great pleasure for me to be included once again in this festival, especially that it was scheduled to happen in the homeland! Thanks to a travel grant, I got back home for the first two weeks of November 2015 and be nostalgic about a lot of things. To top it off, my work Gandingan sa Kagiliran (now in its 4th performance since the premiere two years ago!) is included in the festival programming, performed by percussionists Kevin Castelo and Mikhail Senson.

Festival details are found here.

Maybe I should just write some other time about this experience (that surprisingly gave me a different kind of culture shock). Expect ideas like imaginations of place, mobility, and homecoming the next time I come around this subject again.


Photo: (left to right) Mikhail Senson, Kevin Castelo.