I previously wrote Part 1 to make space for subdued reflections about "social distancing." (I also recently wrote a more honest, passionate, and rather too personal post in my Facebook page...but I'll simply leave it there in that semi-private space). In this process, I find that repeatedly articulating an idea provides more refinement and clarity, [...]

In collaboration with the Canadian Music Centre, clarinettist Martin Carpentier and accordionist Joseph Petric commissioned me to write a new 6-minute work—I named the piece Kinamulátan—for bass clarinet and accordion. I've never composed for accordion before, and so Joseph handed me some introductory material he wrote himself. Surpassing the initial confusion over the keyboard layouts (including [...]

As there was a good amount of projects happening since the New Music on the Bayou festival, I haven't managed to post any updates at all. I'll try to make up for it and sum up everything in this post. Check 'em out (especially the one at the bottom of the list)! (1) Toronto Creative Music [...]

The month of April isn't quite done yet, as I have more exciting news on my end. Firstly, my "piano concerto" Pagkukumahog / [Sa] Paglilok ng Batong Hindi Nakikita (Urgency / [In] Sculpting an Invisible Rock) will receive its world premiere as a finalist entry in the 5-Minute Piano Concerto Competition of the 29th Music Biennale Zagreb. Pianist Filip Fak [...]

Canada can be what you make of it, but it won't be solely what you want from it. Benedict Anderson redefined the concept of "nation" as imagined by the people who perceives themselves as part of this socially constructed community, and I remember my former teacher saying that given such an idea, we can even [...]

Under the direction of Guillaume Bourgogne, the McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble started on its 2015-2016 concert season this 16th of October 2015, with the premieres of Patricia Almeida's Tempus Fugit and my own work Wilujeng for large ensemble on the program. Franco Donatoni's Holly (with soloist Jacqueline Leclair on the English horn and oboe) and Helmut Lachenmann's Mouvement (-vor der Erstarrung) complete the whole repertoire [...]

It was a very good opportunity for me to join this year's edition of the MCML as I met a lot of composers and musicians from all over Canada and the United States. Besides hearing ideas from composers and collaborating with musicians in the improvisation sessions, I had a premiere of my newest percussion duo [...]