Sa Dakong Kawala: Mga Eksenang Binaon ng Alon

As a political protest to the Philippine government’s initiative to bury former dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Cemetery of Heroes), playwright/spoken word artist Riley Palanca and I collaborated in a radio play depicting vignettes referencing to connections between the atrocities of the past Marcos regime and the present government’s haphazard campaign against drugs. I took charge of the music and sound design, and we pulled it off within a very short two-week timeline! Sigaw ng Bayan aired the recorded radio play at CKUT 90. 3 FM (Montreal) on 02 September 2016. Principle voice actors included Dominique Brillantes, Elesser Bulatao and yours truly. Other participants include Sarah Christina Ganzon, Jayson Palolan, Herman Tubungbanua and flutist Emmanuelle Monnier.

You can listen to the play in Sigaw ng Bayan’s Soundcloud page.

radio play in action

Photo: (In sound booth, left to right) Riley Palanca, Dominique Brillantes. I (far right) manned the recording and mixing while also taking part in the dialogue. Taken at the CKUT 90.3 FM studio in Montreal.