what of silence? one feels it…

…as if everyone and everything suddenly vanished after a barrage of aural events. just like a television that was suddenly turned off. one would suddenly look up and search for any visible sign of life to affirm that life still flows from what one sees around.

…like there should still be something happening but can’t hear anything that will affirm to that fact. there is visual interaction within the viewer and the subject but the absence of sound suddenly makes one question the reality of the subject’s existence. one would suddenly wonder what is happening behind this absence of sound that he isn’t aware of.

…as if no one around affirms his or her own existence, despite the reality of the physical bodies that one sees in his own world. the entity is there, yet its existence in reality seems to be incomprehensible or irrelevant to another entity. one would suddenly question one’s reality of existence and one’s existence in reality.

…like there’s no other form of expression other than it that could communicate a strong response to anything. no words uttered could be stronger as this, as everyone always thinks of it when encountered face to face. one would suddenly decide whether to break it or leave it.

* despite everything said…

…”until i die there will be sounds. and they will continue following my death. one need not fear about the future of music.” – john cage