acousmatic works


Hanggang sa Takipsilim
Until dusk. 2018. acousmatic stereo work. featured in Cities and Memory’s Sound Photography project.

And my eye shines in face of the curse…
2017. stereo mix of three separate acousmatic tracks prepared for A Study on Exile, No. 2. recorded readings of text excerpted from a sestina written by Riley Palanca.

Hanggang sa Paglubog ng Araw
Until Sunset. 2017. acousmatic stereo work. can be played simultaneously with Pagkukumahog, or with Sa Paglilok ng Batong Hindi Nakikita, or both.

L’automne (2014-2016)

Je suis d’un pas rêveur le sentier solitaire…
With a Dreamy Step, I Follow the Lonely Path… 2014. acousmatic miniature work. for an outdoor installation listening terminal under Project Bakawan (Philippines), February 2015.

…J’aime à revoir encor, pour la dernière fois…
…I would like to see again, for one last time… 2016. acousmatic miniature work.

…Ce soleil pâlissant, dont la faible lumière…
…The fading sun, whose feeble light… 2016. acousmatic miniature work.